Instagram Views: The Animals Have It

News 02:01 January 2019:

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There are certain topics on social media that seem to get a bigger reaction than others. While the manner in which these topics are shared can differ in their format across social media platforms, there are some trends that seem to be consistent. Among them is the use of animals in posts. Cute fluffy kittens or puppies tug at the heart strings and get people sharing and talking. This can be a great way to get Instagram video views or Instagram views on pictures if done correctly.

Animals are such a popular topic and great tool for marketing because people react to them. People love their pets and consider them a great part of their family. It is no wonder, then, that posts that include animals are much more likely to see a response and post interaction than those who do not. While some businesses and pages may not seem like they are connected to animals in anyway, there is always a means of incorporating them in a post. From a picture of a cute mascot to creation of a puppy meme, these posts are applicable in virtually all situations and should be considered if you are building a page following.